Never switch between different systems again

Sell on Inno with a centralized system

Sell on Inno, Belgium's largest department store. With seamless integration through EffectConnect, you can effortlessly manage your business from a single system. Gain control, valuable insights, and access to all the necessary tools for a successful sales journey on Inno!

Why sell on Inno

  • INNO, the only department store in Belgium, has been operating since 1845. With 16 physical stores across Belgium, INNO dominates the mainstream premium segment and offers a wide range of over 600 renowned brands.

  • Inno attracts an impressive annual online audience of 24.4 million unique visitors.

  • The website offers a diverse range of categories, including Fashion, Accessories, Home, and Beauty.

  • The monthly selling fee is €39.99, in addition to a commission percentage for each sold product.


What are the prerequisites for selling on Inno?

  • Inno operates a closed listing system. Simply sign up on the website, and Inno will reach out to you to determine if your offerings align with their platform.

  • Inno focuses on the mainstream premium segment, which is why they prioritize customer service and product quality.

What can you expect from your EffectConnect integration with Inno?

In addition to the automatic forwarding of orders and updating of inventory, our integration with Inno offers a multitude of additional functionalities.


Build your catalog in EffectConnect. With the mapping module, make sure your data meets the requirements of Inno!

Statistics and Analysis

Get a 360-degree overview of your sales on Inno through our Insights module. All your sales and logistics data in one dashboard so you always have an overview and control.


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