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You can automate your sales on Orderchamp by using EffectConnect to integrate your webshop withOrderchamp. You can save hours of work every month by using our marketplace integration platform. So you can spend this time on growing your organisation

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Selling on Orderchamp

Selling on Orderchamp offers a wide array of opportunities. Orderchamp is an online wholesaler with over 2000 brands and 200.000 products. More than 40,000 retailers purchase via this platform. Orderchamp makes sure your brand stands out by using advanced algorithms. 

You can reach these retailers without making large investments. However, without proper automation this could incur errors. You can reach these retailers without extra work, by integrating your webshop with Orderchamp via EffectConnect today. This brings extra revenue, without extra work!

More about selling on Orderchamp

  • Access to more than 40,000 retailers that want to sell your products.
  • 20% commision for the first order of a new retailer. Only 12% commision is charged on repeated orders.
  • Invite your own retailers for the platform and NO commission is charged on orders that are placed by those retailers.
  • Chat function which you can use to communicate with your (potential) customers which helps you to build long-term relationships.

How to integrate with Orderchamp?

You can integrate your webshop with Orderchamp by using EffectConnect. This makes your product portfolio available for all retailers on Orderchamp. 

We provide actual stock levels at all times and place orders directly in your webshop. Our track&trace integration helps to control your delivery reliability. 

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