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Awesome company and great service!

At EffectConnect they don't just give out a trial for 1 month, but at times even for 2-3 months until you are completely set-up! Support is very fast and are even available after office hours!

Esan Fedai - Double F Cosmetica - July 2020

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Great software!

Solid integration software and is a huge timesaver for us. Furthermore a very knowledgeable and personal customer service. In short, very satisfied!

Suze van Dijk - June 2020

Always ready to help!

My experience with EffectConnect is that I am helped super fast. By telephone or par e-mail, almost at closing time, they will show maximum effort to help you out! The fact that I am being called about whether I am satisfied with the product is a very nice touch. They are open to criticism and are solution oriented. For us a great team!

Kamal Hallouzi - De voordelige drogisterij - June 2020

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Wonderful software

We wanted to integrate our webshop with bol.com. EffectConnect took care of this for us. In case of questions, they respond swiftly. For us a great solution.

Erwin Vinck - De Drankenmarkt - June 2020

Good software

Lovely customer service, personal and always very friendly. Software is easy to use and they keep developing new tools. We are very happy!

Rudi Gielen - Thunderkraft - June 2020

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Easy to use software & great support!

This software is a great invention for integrations with a variety of platforms. We are very happy!

Kim van Hemert - Deco4yourhome - June 2020

Great company!

Collaborating with EffectConnect is a pleasure. Perfect service, pro-active, good product and always willing to show extra commitment.

They have a lot of attention for you and are of absolute added value to us. Recommended!

Peter Wetzer - Nihonsport - June 2020



It is nice to work with EffectConnect!
The plug-in works perfectly and takes a lot of work out of your hands.

Support is great, friendly and helpful.
We are a very satisfied customer!

Dominique Schrijvers - Schrijvers Orthopedische Schoentechniek - June 2020

EffectConnect is a must-have when selling via marketplaces

The tools offered by EffectConnect are indispensable for the proper operation of our company. Friendly and helpful support that likes to think along with you.

Wessel Jespers - Dockling - June 2020


Super happy!

Started working with EffectConnect on the advice of a business partner and have not regretted it since! Very pleasant organisation to work with.

The plug-in saves a lot of time with selling via marketplaces and that it makes it also very costeffective.

On top of all this, you get great support with friendly personnel who are willing to go the extra mile!

Ida Geelen - Timmermans Tuinmeubelen - may 2020

Easy solution for a good price

While on my search for a good Feed Manager for our WooCommerce webshop, I have compared all kinds of providers and found EffectConnect to be the most beneficial for our organisation.

Apart from the good price, the service is great and the product functions as it should. We are very satisfied.

Frank van Driel - Yummygums - april 2020


Entrepreneurship made easy with EffectConnect

In the world of platform economics, the software of EffectConnect will make the lives of webshop companies much easier. EffectConnect will take a lot of time consuming tasks out of your hands in an easy to understand way. This gives me time to open new webshops.

Hugo Buist - Epicurius - March 2020

Super handy and nice app

"We have been working with the EffectConnect app for a number of years and are very happy with it. We also always have nice customer contact with the helpdesk.

The app takes a lot of work off our hands and has a very good price-quality ratio.

An absolute must for companies that sell via one or more platforms."

Peter Rigtering - Yogamat-online.nl - maart 2020


Simply great!

"I always have good experiences with the support department. Often available via live chat and otherwise they respond fairly quickly via email. They also think about how to improve things.

The product works quite fine. Functions / platforms are actively being added, so that is also great.

All together there is not much to criticize about!

Gideon Roose - Wooden Amsterdam - March 2020

Good and reliable company

"Effectconnect communicates well, launches new functions (Amazon.nl) well in time and their service is reliable."

Quinten Eradus - Zaak-shops.nl - February 2020



"EffectConnect as a company; very involved and approachable and always perfect communication. Collaboration has been running smoothly for a while and can therefore not mention any downside.

The software does exactly what it needs to do; automating sales at various marketplaces. Simply install the app and you're done. Always up, not a single malfunction or problem noticed and so don't have to worry about anything. Exactly what you want as a webshop owner."

Roger Aarts - AA Commerce BV - January 2020
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A satisfied customer for 5 years

"We've been a customer since 2015 and still very satisfied. Of course sometimes things can go wrong, but they will be resolved asap. EffectConnect is a must for everyone!"

Francois Thiele - Vortum Design - February 2020


Very happy with Efffectconnect!

"We have been a member for a month now and are very happy! It takes a lot of work and time out of our hands and with the options that keep coming up, it only gets better! Keep up the good work!"

Michel Cortjaens - UMusthave & Brandlux - January 2020

Integration was so easy

"Recently we started again with integrating marketplaces, including bol and amazon. We were looking for a solution which would make our work easier and we found that with EffectConnect. It is wonderful that, with a few presses on a button, we receive orders via the platforms, via a Magento connection, which we had automated with our warehouse after a few adjustments in our own flow. Great!

The boys from the helpdesk will help you neatly and quickly, thanks! Keep it up!"

Paul Zwagerman - IPcam-shop - November 2019


Handy and price-friendly solution

"When we started with EffectConnect we had to sort things out, but with help from the customer service, people who thinks along, everything became clear quickly. They are relatively quick in resolving small bugs and giving tips where they still see opportunities.

EffectConnect offers a complete product for a great price, definitely recommended."

Fenno Douma - Frank.nl - November 2019

We can offer many products

"With the EffectConnect integration, we have the option to offer many products via bol.com, which would not have been possible with other integrators. And if I have questions, I can always call or chat with the skilled EffectConnect support department."

Tom van der Arend - Sfeervoorjou.nl - October 2019


Fast and effective advice

"EffectConnect helps you quickly and efficiently if you have questions. Nothing is too much to ask. With EffectConnect we have quickly connected our offer to various new channels. We should have done it sooner!"

Vincent Snijders - M2 Trading - September 2019

Highly recommended

"We have been working with EffectConnect for quite some time now. Without knowledge, we started a partnership to properly process all orders through marketplaces. EffectConnect's customer service helps you to organize everything properly and process orders correctly. Sales keeps rising, you earn the costs back very quickly."

Danny Koene - NRG Fitness - August 2019
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Great service, great friendliness, great employees

"Without Effectconnect I would never have been where I am now, a well-functioning furniture webshop through various sales channels, really great. Very friendly employees who always, with full conviction and enthusiasm, assist you with advice and action :-))"

Benoît Van den Bogaert - Du Verger Trading bvba - July 2019
(Source: Lightspeed appstore)

Great service

"I have been working with EffectConnect for a long time. The system is stable and just good and at a correct price. Where EffectConnect stands out for me is the top service. The speed of response from the support is just great!"

Robbie De Jonghe - Giftshop Palace - July 2019
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Accessible and good customer service

"In the past we sold manually via marketplaces. But it's all easier through EffectConnect, EffectConnect is so accessible and has very good customer service, it works very easily!"

Usmaan Sattar - Ambianzz Bedding / Nightlifeliving - May 2019

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