Integrate your webshop with Rue Du Commerce

You can automate your sales on Rue Du Commerce when you integrate your webshop with their platform via EffectConnect. You save a lot of time and money by using our marketplace integration platform, time and money you can spend on continuing growing your business.

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Selling on Rue Du Commerce

Rue Du Commerce was founded in 1999 and is one of the first online shops in France. With their marketplace, they are France's go-to website for consumer electronics, fitness equipment, furniture and tools. With millions of visitors every month, there are plenty of opportunities for external sellers.

You can easily reach this audience by integrating your webshop or ERP system with Rue Du Commerce through EffectConnect! Rue Du Commerce has been voted several times as one of the most trusted webshops of France, so as an external seller you can also benefit from this!

More about selling on Rue Du Commerce

  • Focused product portfolio of consumer electronics
  • Well-known and trusted in France
  • The monthly subscription fee is € 40.
  • Support of the SEO team
  • Average order value of €200+

How to integrate with Rue Du Commerce?

You can integrate your webshop with Rue du Commerce by using EffectConnect. This makes your product portfolio available for all visitors on Rue du 

We also provide actual stock levels at all times and place orders directly in your webshop. Our track&trace integration helps to control your delivery reliability. 

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