Never switch between different systems again

Sell on Sportdeal from one central system

Get access to Sportdeal, the fast-growing platform for sports articles. With the robust integration between Sportdeal and EffectConnect, you have all your data in one central place.

Why sell on Sportdeal?

  • Sportdeal is a rapidly growing online marketplace for sports products, catering to retailers and wholesalers that supply to consumers.

  • Sportdeal offers a diverse range of sport electronics, outdoor items, sportswear, and health products.

  • The monthly selling fee is €50. In addition, you pay a commission of 15% and 0.25 cents per order.

  • Sportdeal provides fast payouts, typically within 3 to 7 days.


What are the requirements for selling through Sportdeal?

You can sign up as a selling partner through the website. Sportdeal will then assess whether your assortment is suitable for the platform.


What you can expect from your EffectConnect integration with Sportdeal

In addition to automatically forwarding orders and updating inventory, there are more features that come with our integration.

Smart data

Create new data using logic, for even more than 100,000 products. So you can create unique content from one central system to successfully sell on Sportdeal.

Statistics and Analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your sales on Sportdeal through our Insights module. All your sales and logistics data clearly displayed in a dashboard so you always have overview and control.


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