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Selling through marketplaces for brands and wholesalers

Brands and wholesalers are often still reluctant in adding marketplaces to their omnichannel strategy. Multiple fears are at the heart of this hesitance. But are those fears just? In this white paper we will explain why it is interesting for brands and wholesalers to sell on marketplaces.
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Growing exponentially on marketplaces

In this white paper you will find more information about the booming marketplaces sales. We zoom in to the online customer journey and the requirements of these consumers, why many e-commerce organisations offer their product portfolio on marketplaces and what is needed to sell successfully on marketplaces.
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3 Tips for smart logistic choices in marketplaces sales

The logistic process of orders is something you will think about when you sell on marketplaces. The influence of cut-off times, optimising delivery times and choosing between outsourcing logistics or handling this yourself is significant. In this white paper we will explore this in depth and we will give you tips to make use of smart delivery times and improving these. We will also provide you with the necessary tools to judge whether outsourcing logistics is interesting for your organisation.
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The ideal application environment for selling on marketplaces

When you sell on marketplaces, it is important to have a robust application environment. In this white paper, we will highlight the importance of a well defined application environment and we will describe different processes and the use of certain systems. We will discuss the necessary basic system, your logistic system, administration and the automation of selling on marketplaces. We will help you get started to excel and grow your business on marketplaces.
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