Never switch between different systems again

Sell on Amazon from one central system

Sell on the world's largest marketplace Amazon via an integration with EffectConnect. All your data combined in one system. Easily create an Amazon channel for each country!

Why sell on Amazon

  • Amazon is the world's largest marketplace, attracting a staggering 60 million visitors each month in Europe alone!

  • With a wide range of categories, Amazon offers an open listing platform where you can sell your products in various categories.

  • For a professional seller's account, the monthly selling fee is €39.

  • Take advantage of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to harness the power of their extensive logistics network and maximize your profits!

What are the requirements for selling on Amazon?

  • To sell on Amazon, you need to have a seller account. You can easily sign up for one on the Amazon website.

  • Your content must meet Amazon's requirements in order to be displayed on the platform. It's important to adhere to these requirements if you want your products to be seen.

  • If you want your products to rank highly in search results, it's crucial to optimize your product listings as much as possible. 

What you can expect from your EffectConnect integration with Amazon

In addition to automatically forwarding orders and updating inventory, there are more features that come with our integration.

Fulfilment by Amazon

Mark your FBA orders so you can see exactly which orders go through FBA!

Dynamic pricing

Our advanced Repricer helps you win the buy box on Amazon. Automatically adjust your prices based on your terms and competitors' prices!

Smart Data

Create new data using logic, for even more than 100,000 products. So you can create unique content from one central system to successfully sell on Amazon.

Statistics and Analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your sales on Amazon through our Insights module. All your sales and logistics data clearly displayed in a dashboard so you always have overview and control.


Optimize your product listings on Amazon

How to create a high-quality Amazon product listing that converts well? Learn all about it in our webinar with Amazon!


Selling on Amazon FBA Germany in 7 steps

Amazon is the ultimate marketplace platform in Germany. Do you want to sell in this booming e-commerce market? Here, you will discover everything you need to have in place to successfully expand your business to Germany.


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"Selling on marketplaces is a fantastic way for us to generate additional revenue. With Amazon, we can easily sell throughout all of Europe."


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