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Building a feed in under 5 minutes

Many of our customers tell us they spend a lot of time and money making feeds for all kinds of platforms. They have to pay an agency or programmer and it often takes a long time to generate the feed. We have a solution for that! Watch the demo video!


Which data is used?

In order to be able to fill feeds you need to have data available. We can get this data out of your webshop or other e-commerce system, or you use XML or CSV files. Through an integration with your webshop, through an API or through a manual upload we receive your files in EffectConnect. With this data you can start creating feeds.

Create your own attributes

You can edit data from your source file within the Feed Manager. You then create attributes yourself and edit the data before you apply them to your feeds. This way your feed structure stays clean.

It is then possible, for example, to combine attributes such as brand and size in one field. Or to split, calculate, transform data (to uppercase, lowercase), group, fill, shorten, perform find&replace actions, etc.

custom attributes

Make product selections

When making a feed, you want to keep control over the products you include in the feed. Therefore you can easily make product selections, you determine yourself, on the basis of rules you set, which products should fall within a selection.

You can use the product selections you make for each feed in the Feed Manager and you can always download a complete overview of all the products in the selection.

Feed management

You build your feeds within the Feed Manager. In order to do this, you can use a pre-programmed template / feed structure, create your own feed structure or modify an existing template. The feed is then sent to the chosen feed channel at the times you set.

Are you currently working with another feed manager? If you can export your feed structures there, you can easily import them in EffectConnect!

Do you miss an important channel as a template? Let us know and we will arrange it for you!



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