Never switch between different systems again

Sell on eBay from a single centralized system

Gain access to one of the oldest and most well-known marketplaces in the world: eBay. With the robust integration of EffectConnect, you'll have complete control, valuable insights, and all the necessary tools to successfully sell on eBay.

Why sell on eBay?

  • eBay operates globally, connecting with 170 million active users spanning across the world.

  • The cost for a basic eBay store is only €19.95.

  • Commission of 11% on a sold product up to €1990, with an additional 2% commission applied on any amount above that.

  • eBay provides assistance in onboarding and setting up your account, ensuring a seamless experience.

What are the prerequisites for selling on eBay?

  • eBay operates with an open listing policy, allowing you to effortlessly create an account through the sellers hub on their website.





What can you expect from your EffectConnect integration with eBay?

In addition to automatically forwarding orders and updating inventory, our integration with eBay offers a range of other functionalities that enhance your experience.

Smart data

Create new data with logic, even for more than 100,000 products. So you can create unique content and attributes from one system to sell successfully on eBay.

Statistics and Analysis

Get a 360-degree overview of your sales on eBay with our Insights module. All your sales and logistics data in one dashboard so you always have overview and control.


A profitable strategy for marketplaces!

VONROC is a leading manufacturer of power tools and operates on 17 marketplaces throughout Europe, as well as in India and Turkey. With their extensive experience in successful international selling on marketplaces, they have unparalleled knowledge of what it takes to thrive in this competitive arena.


One tool for all your marketplace sales