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Increase your profits by automatically adjusting your prices, based on the prices of your competitors

Repricer for Amazon

When you sell products on Amazon you have a really big chance that you have to deal with competetitors. Do you want the Amazon visitor to choose your product instead of the product of the competitor? Of course you do! With EffectConnect you can outsmart your competitors with our Amazon repricer.

EffectConnect offers a repricing tool for Amazon, by which your prices automatically adjust, based on the prices of competitors. The Amazon repricer changes your prices automatically based on predeterminded parameters. Because of our Amazon repricer you will never have to adjust your prices again and can you focus on more important activities!

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Benefits Amazon repricer

  • Adjust your prices automatically based on the competitors,                                      both down and up
  • Always be capable to offer the best price
  • Control your product margins by choosing your own                                                 minimum and maximum price.
  • You choose for which competitors you want to use the                                              repricer
  • Save time! You don’t need to focus on prices of competitors                                    any longer!
  • Increase your profits!

How does the Amazon repricer work?

Our Amazon repricer constantly scans the product prices of your competitors on the Amazon marketplace. Based on your parameters, the Amazon repricer adjust your own product prices automatically, based on changes in prices by your competitors.

You are completely in charge of these parameters. You decise which products you want to reprice against which prices. When your competitor drops the price, your price will drop automatically, under de price of the competitor. This also works the other way around. When your competitor increases the price, you automatically increase with your competitor, but still under the price of your competitor, so you are always the cheapest. With the Amazon repricer you never have to adjust prices yourself again and can you focus on more important activities.

The best sales position on Amazon

The ‘buy box’ is the best sales position that Amazon offers to their sellers. When your product is standing in the buy box, it directly will be shown to the Amazon visitor that is searching for your product. The vast majority of these consumers buys products via de buy box. When you stand in de buy box after a product search, you’re only one click away from your product in the cart of the Amazon visitor. But.. When you’re not the only one that sells your product on Amazon you have to compete for the buy box.

Amazon places products in the buy box based on particular criteria. Amazon checks you’re price,  delivery time and service standards. With our Amazon repricer you have the price part always covered!

Do you have your service standards and delivery time in order? Then you are ready for our Amazon repricer, and can start increasing your profits.

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I see that I can integrate 30 days for free, is that including the Amazon repricer?

Yes! During your trial you can also use our Amazon repricer. With our Amazon repricer you can set up dynamic pricing, even during your trial.

Can I get a demo before I start the 30 day trial?

Sure! You can plan a demo with Liza here.

Am I bound to a long-term contract?

No. Your account is monthly terminable. But,.. you may not want to miss the automation we offer!

Does EffectConnect take a revenue share?

No, we don’t. We charge a monthly fee based on the number of marketplaces you connect to. We won’t take any revenue share.