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Integrate webshop with Storesquare

Storesquare is a Belgian marketplace, suitable for a wide range of items. Storesquare promises to stand up for the local retailers and tries to get consumers to those retailers via the marketplace.

Storesquare is experiencing strong growth and has 1 million monthly visitors. These consumers can be reached without major costs, but without automation this can entail a lot of manual work! You can reach these consumers without extra work by connecting your webshop today to Storesquare via EffectConnect!

You will have extra turnover, but no extra work!

How to integrate with Storesquare?

You can integrate your webshop with Storesquare via EffectConnect. By integrating your webshop with Storesquare via EffectConnect, stock levels will be accurate, orders will automatically be imported into your own webshop and track&trace codes will be exported to Storesquare.

With our integration is your delivery perfomance perfectly under control.

  • Belgium
  • Aimed at the local retailer
  • More than 1 million monthly visitors
  • Storesquare has a commission of 5% -15% per sale
  • Storesquare has an open listing
  • You need a Belgian VAT number and return address
  • Minimum different products: 50

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